Thursday, 16 December 2010

talking of the Art of Faith.....

The Shell shrine bunker in Guernsey....
 The Art of Faith show at the Sainsbury Centre building comes down tomorrow and it is snowing again. A rather chilly paradise garden. Here 2D original shown  (as layout plan) with 3D consequences.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Sudanese temple graffiti.

 Trying out these 2 images mounted under acrylic.  I'm attracted by the idea of a protective covering or shield over these carvings at long last, a small recompense for their centuries of exposure to the elements and marauding colonialists wanting to leave their mark.

snow stops digging

A wistful remembrance of the Summer and the layout for the tiny -scale quincunx orchard. Only 3 trees planted and frozen ground (and old cottage foundations) stops digging. The measuring lines have sagged and broken and the markers trampled flat under the snow. Not quite up to Browne's ideal. This is what it should look like........

Art of Faith information

Persian textile pattern detail on House.