Friday, 24 June 2011

Trouble with lace.

Went back to the studio and re-did all the lace pattern on the glass bunker for the sandblasting that I had done last time - it was just too small in scale and looked too much like a lace curtain as opposed to representing a lace curtain that did not look quite right. Tricky!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Graffiti where?

For the House-Bunker -  internal house within it - this is the original image from a Guernsey bunker that inspired much of the idea some years ago. However, I need further images of the writing and cannot remember where in Guernsey this particular fortification was.

Tomb- House-Bunker-Tomb

Because of constructing the Bunker-House-Bunker, thinking about house shapes and the The House is Black form taken from Cyrus' tomb.  This image is from an engraving from Flandin  and Coste's Voyages en Perse 1840-1842. 
And so it goes full-circle, to the tomb-like bunker of Paul Virillio's Standardised Valhalla and the camouflaged bunkers that had a dual potential of home and tomb.

Persian textile pattern detail on House.