Sunday, 18 March 2012

In Process Residency - last day.

Two polaroids recording the last day of my In Process Residency. Polly Cruse curated the 'show' or arrangement of work that was finally viewed by an audience, so it was interesting seeing how that influenced the process of editing work. In particular, Polly and I made two small but effective and noticeable alterations to the layout. We turned the 'Facade' arch  round so that the back was facing the audience as they entered the space, which in effect created more of an internal space the other side of the arch and more of an impetus to get there with two routes seeming more available. The second small but effective change was to project the video through one of the sandblasted glass panes and into the arched tank, creating layers of shadow both within the tank and on the wall. The space remained architectural in the way it was informally broken up  into smaller spaces by a repeated arch or curved shape, the best we could do within the single space. Good reactions from the visitors and good conversations had.

Friday, 9 March 2012

In Process Residency - Day Four

 Polly Cruse from Satellite Artists came in  today to arrange the work and transform the space, the third curator and the fourth time it has been arranged/ moved. She seemed interested in layers of viewing and using the shadows and patterning within some of the pieces. I have time in the space tomorrow to reflect more. Not so many concrete blocks to shift today.
Just a lot of mobile phone images today as I have just got back from the pub.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

In Process Residency Day Three

Stephanie Douet from The Queen of Hungary Project Space came in and shuffled things around today, with less accent on the bunker. Although, looking through the documentation images from today that remains the predominant influence and feel. 
It was good to play with video projection alongside the other pieces and I intend to  bring in another videowork if I can find the thing. Really tired now.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

In Process Day Two

First thing this morning I placed the black  Bunker-camouflaged-as-a-House on the plinth and messed around with the yellow acrylic rods. Some months/ years in the making.
Nicola Naismith from Satellite Artists spent the morning in the Project Space with me editing, sifting and sorting out which pieces she felt worked well together and could sit happily in this space. There seemed to be a mass of work that could become two or three different shows, or one show with different rooms. However, in the allotted area we had to play with, one pared down, rather bunker-oriented show emerged resplendent in greys and blacks with small splashes of yellow. 
Tomorrow I am picking up the projector, so my guest for Thursday will have some video to play around with too. I wonder if my old super 8 projector works?

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

In Process Residency - Day One

Concrete blocks, chairs, panes of glass, lights, metal - rusted iron and aluminium, desks and the odd framed picture, all lugged and dragged and hoiked in and out of the Project Space today. the theory is that lots of objects in the space early on enables me to have material to move and shift and make associations between through the rest of the week.  I have an old fol-up wooden school desk that I have set-up as my command table. I'll take a photo tomorrow. The small fragments of rusted Nissen hut make visually arresting arcs within the room and divide it into three. Three of the A0 posters are gaffa taped to the wall - they may well be moved at a later date so no wallpaper paste yet.  
These are a series of images taken throughout the day. 
I'm also recording the week on the Queen of Hungary blog:

Monday, 5 March 2012


Tomorrow I start my 5 day residency at The Queen of Hungary Project Space - . 
Excitingly I 'd ordered some posters with that rough fly poster quality and they arrived in double quick time on Friday. I've blown-up one of my stamp collages, "Irandar", to A0 size, so the radar image is more obvious. I much prefer them original size, original collage, with the cuts and blemishes in glorious 3D visibility, but the flattening in the print is interesting and the image remains bold with lovely graphic qualities 100 times bigger and 100 times more pronounced. I've also done a negative version which has a harsh grey green, almost with a fluorescent attitude.  I like that as it reminds me of Cold War posters and reference to alien invasions and UFOs.
Over the next  5 days I willbe able to consider in detail where to put the two versions of "Irandar".  I like the idea of pasting them onto some corrugated iron (part of a demolished Nissen Hut) that is stacked behind the Project Space, but it is only borrowed and would be a pain to try and get off afterwards (as I remember from the huge fly posters we pasted up on King's Street, Norwich next to Dragon Hall).

Persian textile pattern detail on House.