Tuesday, 6 March 2012

In Process Residency - Day One

Concrete blocks, chairs, panes of glass, lights, metal - rusted iron and aluminium, desks and the odd framed picture, all lugged and dragged and hoiked in and out of the Project Space today. the theory is that lots of objects in the space early on enables me to have material to move and shift and make associations between through the rest of the week.  I have an old fol-up wooden school desk that I have set-up as my command table. I'll take a photo tomorrow. The small fragments of rusted Nissen hut make visually arresting arcs within the room and divide it into three. Three of the A0 posters are gaffa taped to the wall - they may well be moved at a later date so no wallpaper paste yet.  
These are a series of images taken throughout the day. 
I'm also recording the week on the Queen of Hungary blog:

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