Friday, 25 March 2011

Interesting Persian ceramic houses

An interesting lecture at the V& A today by Margaret S. Graves on Persian Medieval ceramic house models.  Connections to my  exploration of houses, ceramic, wax or sugar. If the houses were indeed made as Norouz gifts, then there might have been similar garden models, trees or perhaps even garden pavilions.

I unfortunately failed to find any  of the examples on display in the ceramic department or searching the catalogue, but ran out of time looking.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Disembarking and cranes at St Peter Port some years ago. Grandpa at his place of work.

Braye Beach Monolith

A might-have-been view of the beach I stayed by in Alderney with a monolithic observation post or direction finding tower looking like a beached ship. Both postcards bought in St.Annes but separated by about 48 years, postage on one tuppence ha'penny. In fact, there seem to be so many fortifications from different eras on the island that this view is not beyond the realms of possibility. Interestingly, the tower is keeping watch inland, over events in the island rather than out to sea for potential attacks.
I'm wondering about calling this "Run Aground".

Friday, 4 March 2011

The bunker next door.

There must be some artistic use I can put this bunker to, right next door to my studio and with a green hat of ivy growing out of the middle. From the far side it is convincingly camouflaged and quite hidden from the air I should think.

The process of mapping the book.

Started a couple of experimental mock-ups for the artists' book - paradise and death the central concerns as usual. Hopefully the format will level the hierarchy of themes distilled by the blog. One big scrap-book with scissors, glue and a pile of paper for the cat to sit on. Also began playing around with a digital version - scrap-book stills on screen. Lots more work needed, but I hope the dual processes will inform each other.

Persian textile pattern detail on House.