Saturday, 10 September 2011

Satellite Portfolio

As Satellite Nicola & I are putting together a portfolio of 4 or 5 editioned prints from several Satellite members, but chosen by Aid & Abet.  The logistics of putting together such a seemingly simple task are proving problematic, particularly finding the suitable continer for the prints given our teeny budget and the size of the print. We've gone through several options and rejected as many, and time is ticking away. The turn around time for the printing is only a few days.  Luckily, Nicola is giving a logical and organised perspective to the proceedings, so we will get the task done and it will look great.
These are two photographic prints I am considering, both East Anglian bunker-types.  The top is one of several interior shots that I plan to experiment with at a later date as light boxes.

Friday, 2 September 2011

A new Project Space

Another development in terms of collaboration, exchange and interactive practice will be the latest initiative from The Queen of Hungary, late gallery of St Benedicts Street, Norwich.  Out in the green wilds of Norfolk, well, in a field really, stands our soon to be Project Space, newly vacated by Presto Park model car circuit and in need of a touch of renovation.
Yes, I've started another group blog to document this development with Stephanie Douet and Chloe Mandy. It is going to be a lot of work, but I think if we can generate some rural Norfolk art buzz and provide a useful resource for artists round these parts, it will be worthwhile.
Busy with a project for Aid & Abet Gallery, Cambridge with an imminent deadline as part of our Satellite Collective. It's all about exchanging artist's spaces and exchanging ideas and dialogue. For Satellite, one of the interesting things is our lack of physical space but our borrowing of space and use of East Anglia as our cultural landscape.  We've had a couple of trips to Cambridge for meetings and are now getting down to the busy bit.
I've started a group blog that between us will document the project and our plans and schemes developing from it.
The blog is on the a.n magazine website,

Persian textile pattern detail on House.