Friday, 25 February 2011

Satellite studio visit

Studio mind-map 2009, still of relevance. Not shown is map on the cupboard door, and on the front door.  Use of yesterday's mind-map or interest-map as a possible template for the artists' book that will be produced. Thoughts of an Encyclopaedia-type structure.

In the Vale

Jumped out of the car half way between where (Great great) Auntie Min is buried and the power station that stands where her house used to be. The drone of the Spitfire engines that used to be sited at the power station still throbbing through my chest and deafening my ears. This house-bunker-house, camouflaged and now perhaps a lived-in-for-real home.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

A sunny few days in Guernsey.

Sunlight through camouflage netting over a WW2 trench. Rather like a net curtain.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Part of the glass bunker design

Discussion with the metal work place sorting out the design that I couldn't do last year for various reasons. Luckily they'd kept the design, so just re-acquainting and a few adjustments. Should be done by the end of the month, when I can order the glass. First steps, at last, on the small version of the glass bunker after, what, at least 8 years. Working title is 'Safe As House', hopefully that will change. Also here, an image from a museum re-creating the domesticity of the internal world of a concrete defence structure.

Persepolis & the industrial structure

I'm having trouble thinking of a bland and ambiguous title for this set of stamp collages. Dams and bridges seem somehow more iconic or appealing than the tower-block image, but they do appear to be rising phoenix-like from the Persepolis ruins.  
However, I now have a collection of cut-out iconic portraits of the Shah, edited from the stamps......

Persian textile pattern detail on House.