Sunday, 18 March 2012

In Process Residency - last day.

Two polaroids recording the last day of my In Process Residency. Polly Cruse curated the 'show' or arrangement of work that was finally viewed by an audience, so it was interesting seeing how that influenced the process of editing work. In particular, Polly and I made two small but effective and noticeable alterations to the layout. We turned the 'Facade' arch  round so that the back was facing the audience as they entered the space, which in effect created more of an internal space the other side of the arch and more of an impetus to get there with two routes seeming more available. The second small but effective change was to project the video through one of the sandblasted glass panes and into the arched tank, creating layers of shadow both within the tank and on the wall. The space remained architectural in the way it was informally broken up  into smaller spaces by a repeated arch or curved shape, the best we could do within the single space. Good reactions from the visitors and good conversations had.

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