Saturday, 19 September 2009

Jersey bus timetable

Apart from losing my phone, I've been rounding off the travel arrangements for the research trip - 6 flights in total, all in tiny prop planes in which you can sit in the back and almost touch the pilot on the shoulder to offer him/her a mint. I think I've missed the boat so to speak in getting a Jersey bus timetable and a Guernsey Perry's Guide before departure. The trip makes me think of the whole journey as container for this research period. My thinking threads seem to trail through many distinct places and to physically take me to quite some destinations, albeit fairly close to home at this point. This map of Thomas Browne's environment, once he'd settled in Norfolk, captures this idea. It's from a leaflet about Browne in St. Peter Mancroft Church, Norwich, where (most of) Browne is buried. I cannot remember if his skull came back or not, it does tell you in the leaflet. Just checked, and it was re-interred in 1922 aged 317 years. The translation of the latin skull memorial begins, "O noble head lie safe in Peter's keeping,"
I might have an old bus timetable.


  1. Is this the same Sir Thomas Browne (author of The Garden of Cyrus)who made the statement 'the Alcoran of the Turks (I speak without prejudice) is an ill composed Piece, containing in it vaine and ridiculous errours in Philosophy, impossibilities, fictions, and vanities beyond laughter'??? (R.M. Part 1:Para 23)
    This the danger of using authors for one's own artistic projects without understanding them!

  2. Apologies if the above sounds a bit of a harsh judgement but i still think it unjustifiable to plume oneself in anothers feathers as regards this web-site's title. Upon reflection and to be fair to Browne, late in his life when more mellow the worthy Doctor wrote-
    'After the Sermon ended which was made upon a Verse in the Alcoran containing much Morality, the Dervices in a Gallery apart sung this Hymn, accompanied with Instrumental Musick,(from misc. writings Of Cymbals)


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