Sunday, 6 November 2011

Fluorescent-ness and collage - a start

I've amassed a new pile of postcards for collage purposes and have just started to play around with their possibilities. I'm still interested in the immediacy of scissors/scalpel and glue and the almost crass butting together or butting against of the monumental architectural structures. However, the research I was doing  with Nicola Naismith last month into East Anglian UFO sightings has awakened an alarming 1980's fascination in all that is fluorescent.  (It all started in Rendlesham Forest, with the fluorescent spraypaint markings on the trees.) This perhaps should have been unsurprising to me given my long interest in neon light (and the inability to afford to use it much), but the fluorescent thing has taken me by surprise.  I suppose my being drawn to 'nasty' yellow hues over the last couple of years should have been a clue??
Anyway, I will be experimenting with the nasty yellows and nasty greens and nasty pinks for a while, predictably, about ten years or so after everyone else 're-discovered' them. These images show the first, modest appearance of fluorescent green in the postcard collages.
The images are top to bottom: 'Double Bridge' and 'Poet's Garden'.

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