Friday, 17 February 2012

Xenophon created the Cyropaedia in the 4th century B.C, a semi-factual work about Cyrus the Great.  In some tangental link, I have been trying to compile my own encyclopaedia of my ideas and inspirational images for over a year now, using the Cyrus Garden Blog as  the framework on which to hang it. Everytime I get nearer the end it concertinas out like a long, metal Slinky, revealing more ideas, more images more of interest. And whether to stay in print format or go with the digital-only version, goodness knows.  My latest attempt is to simply cover the letters A to D as a first volume, with a severly implemented cut-off point beyond which no new subjects will be included.

Perhaps it is more of a compendium or a directory or an inventory than an encyclopaedia? 
Encyclopaedia: Origin; mid 16th cent.modern Latin, from pseudo-Greek enkuklopaideia for enkuklios paideia ‘all-around education.’ My book certainly won't be 'all-round' but decidedly 2 or 3 sided, partial and with large gaps in it.

Nicola Naismith sent me this image from a shop front in Norwich. Perhaps an alternative model for the book?

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