Friday, 14 October 2011

RAF Neatishead Radar Museum

Whilst investigating Operation Charlie's 1947 sightings of unexplained lights or Ghost Planes across East Anglia, but tracked at different points by the radar at RAF Neatshead, I became somewhat transfixed by the flashing, pulsating lights and whirring, turning machines in the Radar Museum. Some good examples of aerial surveillance cameras as well as fascinating radar equipment.  I was reminded of Stephanie Douet's sculpture, entitled 'Radar' of course, commissioned for the Air Field show I curated in Norfolk. I 'm eager to return to the museum for an in-depth visit.

Photo credits: Top - Type 84 Radar at RAF Neatishead.  Once used to detect Soviet aircraft during the Cold War. 2011 Chris Morshead, RAF Air Defence Radar Museum.
Bottom - A Type 7 MK Radar at Bishops Court, Northern Ireland in 1972.  Spanning 1942-1989, the Type 7 was the longest-serving Air Defence Radar. RAF Defence Radar Museum.

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