Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Rendlesham Forest

I've been away from Cyrus' Garden for a while as I'm caught up in the Satellite Touring Territories project  with Nicola Naismith - the blog, putting the Satellite Portfolio together, researching the  East Anglian UFO sightings for the Royal Standard, Liverpool, sending in the research documents to Aid & Abet, putting our talk together for the gallery on the 22nd October,  designing our poster for distribution and so on.  The Satellite Portfolio is currently on show and for sale at Aid & Abet, Cambridge: http://aidandabet.co.uk

I'm enjoying using some of the research images we took in Rendlesham Forest (whilst investigating the 1980 sightings) and literally highlighting some of the fluorescent paint markings we spotted on some of the trees.  I've ordered some fly-posters of the trees - black and white and flimsy paper. Perhaps we can take some on our next Tour, investigating Operation Charlie.

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